“The house, a classic symbol of dreams as well as reality; a symbol of endless associations.
“Everyone is a house” was one of my early shows of stone houses.
Maybe it was my recurring desire for a house built of stones by the sea. One day it stood there in the studio, the first stone house in a yet unfinished process. Ideas are born, feeling and intuition rule the process and new sculptures are created.

I have a basic love for the material. Stone has always yielded a magical force in man, and as a sculptor I approach it with reverence.
It sometimes happens that we in a particular form perceive voices of something we lost long ago. It grows into something strange yet recognizable, something archetypal. It´s hard to explain, but the mystique is there.

The stone I work with can be Swedish limestone and granite, Italian marble such as classical Statuario, red Levanto, amber Sienna or shimmery alabaster from Volterra. It may also be blue granite from Brazil, yellow or red Persian travertine or Norwegian Larvikite. A favorite is Swedish diabase. There is something special about diabase as it sounds like iron ore when you chisel it. It can be incredibly beautiful, sometimes having a rusty bark, polised deep black, or gray-black after work with chisel or with an exciting fission surface.”




Lars-Åke Åberg (b.1946) lives and operates in Dalsjöfors in southwestern Sweden.
He is best known for his stone houses made of different rock types and sizes – from only inches tall to a height of three meters. He has held several high profile exhibitions in Sweden, together with , amongst others, Peder Josefsson at Borås Konstmuseum, Konsthallen Hishult and Rydals Museum.